12 Days of Christmas Cocktails

The holidays are a time when family and friends come from near and far to be together and celebrate. They’re also a time for parties hosted by friends, family and work. While jumping from party to party in between last minute shopping can be stressful, we decided to help take the edge off by creating a 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails. We compiled some of our staff’s favorite cocktails and put a holiday twist to the recipes. We’ll be releasing one cocktail each day leading up to Christmas to help bring you some holiday cheer. We hope you enjoy!
Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Rudolph’s Raspberry Collins. We all know Rudolph is Santa’s favorite reindeer and his Raspberry Collins will make you understand why. Just the right amount of sweet and tangy, this drink is perfect for rockin’ round the Christmas tree. Limit-until your nose is as red as Rudolph’s.

Rudolph's Raspberry Collins

On the eleventh day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Cajun Cognac. This one right here you want to wait until the company has left, the fire is lit and your legs are kicked up. You’ve had a long day of spreading joy and cheer and you need to re-up. Bonus if you are wearing your Christmas askot while drinking this. Limit-none because you deserve it, job well done.

Cajun Cognac

On the tenth day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Cajun Mary. Another one of our preferred Christmas morning beverages, this one is perfect for jumping on the hair of the reindeer train if you’re feeling left out in the cold like the Grinch. Limit-we don’t recommend more than two because you do have a full day ahead of you and don’t want to be the butt of Christmas stories in years to come.

Cajun Mary

On the ninth day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Celtic Christmas Coffee. Not everyone wakes up rockin round the Christmas tree, but with the Celtic Christmas Coffee you will be sure to have yourself a very merry Christmas morning. Before the wrapping paper comes flying off take a second to treat yourself to this caffeinator that will put the jingle in your bells. Limit-until the kids wake up or the family arrives.

Celtic Christmas Coffee

On the eight day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Brandy Julep. This is the drink you wanna have in hand when the Christmas meal is finally ready. It’s the perfect pairing companion for any meal be it turkey, ham or gumbo so when the dinner bell rings head straight for the bar and make you one of these and let the food line die down. Limit- until you’re finished with your meal…heck even after, we don’t judge.

Brandy Julep

On the seventh day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Tortue-Tini. Nothing says Christmas like a caramel dipped glass rim covered in crushed pecans. While we recommend this as an after dinner dessert drink some of you like dessert first so go ahead do you on this one. Limit-until you get cut off cause trust us, this drink is delicious.


On the sixth day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Atchafalaya Sunrise. This beauty right here may have sunrise in the name, but you wanna wait until sunset to start sipping. The simple ingredients make it easy to take this bad boy on the road to a holiday gathering and share. Limit-when you see the sunrise.

Atchafalaya Sunrise

On the fifth day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Candy Cane Martini. We all need to get a little inspiration for the holidays, be it shopping for presents, building a ginger bread house or the dreaded task of wrapping presents. The Candy Cane Martini is your ride or die throughout it all. Part playful (candy cane) part business (rum) this drink will have you decking the halls in no time. Limit-before you take a bite out of the ginger bread house you just built, that’s why the recipe calls for candy canes y’all.

Candy Cane Martini

On the fourth day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Joyeaux Noel. Inevitably at some point during Christmas you will gather around some sort of fire, be it indoors or outdoors and the Joyeaux Noel is your perfect companion. Whether you’re sharing stories with family or friends this drink will have you telling tales better than Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Limit-until you run out of tonic water or oranges because let’s face it, they’re always the first to go.


On the third day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Grasshopper. We’ve all seen the movie Elf, right? We imagine this as the adult version of Buddy’s syrup. Perfect for when you need that extra energy for gift wrapping or last minute decorations. Limit-as many as it takes to come up with the perfect Elf on a Shelf hiding place.


On the second day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Jingle Juice. Consider this your Christmas pre-game drink-just the right amount of merry and bright to have you fa la la-ing all through the town. You want to make this before company comes over with your Christmas music at 100. Limit-when you feel your voice getting hoarse from singing at the top of your lungs to Christmas carols.

Jingle Juice

On the first day of Christmas Cocktails we give to you Sparkling Cosmo. Part sweet, part bubbly this cocktail is perfect for that holiday Christmas party or white elephant gift exchange. This cocktail takes just enough of the edge off for you to keep those conversations flowing like the bubbly you are topping this drink off with. Limit – just a few or you may end up being a little too merry and bright.

Sparkling Cosmo

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