Allons – Musique

Zachary’s introduction to singing began as a choir boy at St. John’s Cathedral in Lafayette. Through the discovery of rock and roll as a young boy, he began to realize his dream and moved to New York City to pursue a musical career. Find out how his rebellion from American ideals led him on a journey from street musician to recording artist.

“I was exposed to music through the church. Bishop Maurice Schexnayder at the Cathedral of St. John decided he wanted to give another choir a run for their money so he had a boy’s choir.”

“I passed the audition and got to sing from the time I was eight years old. Five days a week we would rehearse and on Sunday I would sing high mass for the bishop until my voice changed when I was 12.”

“So for four years I was singing during the school year six days a week, which is where I learned not only how to sing, but I learned to love to sing. In the Cathedral’s choir loft singing in that incredible vault with that sound coming back was a real joyful experience for me. And that’s where I began to have a relationship with music. Then I gave up God’s music and started playing the devils’ music when I was 12, rock and roll you know.”

“But I had no idea music was going to become the way I made my living. That was not even an option. I was brought up in a middle class home. What I was programmed to do was to become a lawyer or doctor, the typical American dream. But at one point in time it became obvious that I wasn’t going to do that.”

“To the great chagrin of my parents I packed up and went to New York City and started playing in the street and got my first record contract in 1972. I was 21 years old and I didn’t give a damn and I was convinced I could do it because I had made a record. That record didn’t come out for 20 years but at least it was recorded. That’s when I understood I was going to become a songwriter and recording artist and I am still trying to do it.”

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