Chubby’s Favorite Plate Lunches

Louisiana plate lunches are a dietary staple for natives and a delicious discovery for tourists. Think generous portions of tenderly prepared, home-cooked classics served with hearty sides. In this clip, Chubby breaks down the best plate lunches in Acadiana.

Laura’s II. Mmmmm Mmmmmm.

You go to Laura’s II and I tell you what Madonna reminds me of my grandmother so much. I walk in and she’s always greeting me, “Hey how you doing baby!? Come on in, let me feed you. You look mighty thin.

That’s the first thing she tells me, “You must have been on the road huh? I can tell you not eating right.”

I’m like well I am I am eating junk you can’t see all this weight I put on. So I guess she can tell between the difference junk food fat and home cooked food fat.

My band a lot of the time tells me to stop at Laura’s II before we get home because they craving food. We ain’t got time to go cook and they want to eat right now.

I like those home cooked restaurants. I like to go to Laura’s II and they got another one the Creole Lunch House. Man, to die for.

So when we pulling the bus on the side of the road right here trying to get gas, we heading to the Creole Kitchen so we can take it home with us.

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