The Pinch Drummer

Opportunity waits for no man—even if that man is a ten year old boy covered in mud. The circumstances surrounding Chubby’s first public performance were unsual, but just what he needed to discover his passion for zydeco.

“I was at the age of 10 when I first graced the stage with daddy. I fell in love with those drums.”

“My daddy was playing at a small bar called the American Legion Hall in Church Point. Daddy always had problems with drummers. He told the guitar player to go get Chubby. We need him my drummer is late.
I am playing football in the yard with my family. Then all of a sudden my cousin says where you going. My daddy wants me to play the drums. Yeah but that’s a bar you can’t go in there you’re 10 years old. My daddy called for me to play the drums I’m going. This is my opportunity man you have no idea what’s going on right now.”

“So full of grass, dirt, mud, whatever it didn’t matter I got to the club and everybody said hey little boy you can’t be in here. What you doing in here? I said my daddy is calling for me. Well who’s your daddy? Roy Carrier, he needs me to play the drums tonight. And then that’s it. It was history.”

“So as a kid I was going into all these bars underage but I was with my father. We did the entire bar circuit. We had a lot of good times in the bars just seeing people smiling enjoying life. Looks like it took everything going in society away to forget it just for a minute. When that accordion crank up they forget about all their troubles. There I am as a kid going look how happy everybody is smiling, dancing, carrying on in that club.” 

“Every one we played, I don’t care if it was Rayne, Church Point, Crowley or Opelousas, each and every one of those bars were all popular zydeco bars. Slim’s Y Kiki, Offshore Lounge, Richard’s Club, Hamilton’s Club, all those bars were known as zydeco dance halls. We didn’t have many of them, but we had those few around. I got to say I have played every one of them here in Acadiana and what an honor.”

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