What’s In A Name?

Joseph Roy Carrier Jr. was a chubby baby. His nanny was the first to notice his full cheeks and coined the nickname that would last a lifetime.

“I already was born 10 pounds. I was a big baby.”

“My name is Joseph Roy Carrier Junior. When my Nanny saw me I had such fat cheeks. She said I was so fat that my eyes didn’t open for a week. I’m like, that’s a big baby man. Good Lord.”

“She started picking on me chubbsy ubsey, chubbsy ubsey and it stuck. Because everyone would say that’s my little baby Chubby.”

“I talked to my friend Buckwheat Zydeco. I asked him how you got your name. He said because I always had a nappy head.”

“If you remember the Little Rascals back in the day, Buckwheat, Chubby, Little Rascal, Alfalfa. Buckwheat had the hair I had the weight.”

“So my Nanny ended up teasing me giving me that name and it stuck.”

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