Zachary Richard Talks Festival International

Allons caught up with local singer, songwriter and poet Zachary Richard for their upcoming issue of their interactive magazine due out later this summer. In this interview Zachary talks about the importance of Festival International to the local community as well as the impact it has on the rest of the French speaking world. Check out the video below or read the transcript from the interview and stay tuned for the next issue of Allons coming summer 2014. You can also download Volume I featuring Marc Broussard and Volume II featuring Terrance Simien for free on your iPad or desktop. And don’t forget to catch Zachary at Festival International Thursday, April 24 at 8 p.m. with special guest Sonny Landreth.

“What’s so important, I think, about Festival International is that it celebrates not only South Louisiana but also our relationship to the rest of the French speaking world. We have artists coming from all over the place and partaking in a celebration of Lafayette’s unique cultural identity, which means that South Louisiana is part of this larger community and that’s really important in terms of the French experience. Lafayette has to assume its place at the table. We have to become part of the francophone world. Festival International is proof that this community is part of the that world and the larger international community.”

“I have been involved with the Festival since the very beginning and have been fortunate to play on several occasions and am looking forward to doing it again this year. I am just happy that the community is supporting this incredible event.”

“What’s really interesting is to have these women at the beauty parlor talking about, “Yeah sha you saw that band from Kenya, boy they were good.” It’s very exciting to see the mix of culture, which is the reason the culture exists in South Louisiana. This is a real melting pot and I think that Festival International is a reminder of how this culture began-the encounter of all these different ethnic groups: American Indian, African, Acadian, English, American, Spanish, German, Irish all getting together, having fun and playing music. I think that’s the spirit of Festival International and I think that’s why people are so attached to the Festival itself.”

To help you get in the Festival International spirit we have created some Facebook cover photos to help spread the Festival Iove. To download simply click on the image, in the new browser window right click, select save image as and upload to your Facebook profile. Happy Festival from all of us at LCVC!

Festival Week 2

Festival Week 3

Festival Week 4

Festival Week


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  • 26 April
    11:11 pm

    This guy sure has a nice lapel pin (LOL). Thanks for asking me good questions. Zachary

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